Sharing one’s interests seems to be a traditional thing to do on a web page. I think that I will do so, anyway. Currently, I only have connections to pages exploring Gifted Education, but that will probably change as time goes by. (You must remember this…)

Here goes…

  • Gifted Education: Well, yes. You knew that. See this page for that information.
  • Science Fiction: I am primarily interested in written Science Fiction, though graphic novels, comic books, movies, and television all invade my life to some extent. I also enjoy teaching about it, as you will see from this link. If you want to understand to what extent, go to the Massachusetts Academy page.
  • Chess: Some interests are more active and others more passive. Some interests come and go. This is a ‘come and go’ sort. I haven’t played in a tournament in several years, and since 1988 before that. I suspect that I will play in one again soon.
  • Word Games: I do not restrict myself to Big Boggle or Scrabble, though those are among my preferred games for sport. I enjoy Ghost and its variants, Jotto and its variants, and a wide range of punning, shaggy dog stories and the like.