For families


Whether you need a tutor for a specific academic subject, general academic help, assistance with organizational preparation, or something more esoteric like chsss instruction, I can help.


Sometimes, a studeent in a school setting has needs that cannot be met without modification. In the course of working with a school, whether through an IEP process or other approaches, a parent may need support to help the school's professionals to better understand those needs.

Curriculum modification

The vast majority of curricular materials are not written with either gifted or twice exceptional students in mind. I can help you to figure out what changes will best enable your student(s) to access the knowledge and underlying constructs that they are seeking to learn. 

assisting underachievers

An underachiever is somebody who is performing below expectations. But whose expectations? How far below? And for how long?!

Working together, we can figure out some of the obstacles and what might be a viable way forward.

Academic Planning

Whether home schooling or brick & mortar, the courses and activities a student pursues have an impact on future options. They can open new doors or shut them, but without knowing which might do what, it is hard to make an informed decision. I can help.

college counseling

Dual enrollment? Early college? 

Communitiy college of 4 year?

Technical institutes? Liberal Arts?

Competitive or easier admissions?

R egular program or Block scheduling?

So many questions, so little time!

For Schools

Inservice workshops

There is very little about gifted education in the majority of teacher and administrator training programs. I can assist a staff in developing their abilities in any of the topics here or above.

individual student's issues

Sometimes, an individual student's issues are beyond the skills of the teachers or counselors - they just don't have the specialized knowledge that they would need to assess and respond to the situation at hand. Whether I am the best person for the job or you need somebody else, I can help you to meet the student's and the school's needs.

acceleration policy

In some states, school systems are required to have an approved policy for student acceleration whether whole grade or single subject.

In other states, like MA and NH, the requests are usually handled on an ad hoc basis, with no system in place for the initial call or subsequent evaluation of the move. 

It doesn't have to be that way!

gifted program design

Does your gifted program need revamping? Do you just not have one at all? Do you know what your community needs and can afford?

Your schools can have an affordable, effective, and equitable gifted program! Let me show you how.

curriculum modification

Differentiation? Individualization? Compacting. Enrichment vs. acceleration! 

You don't have enough time to make the adjustments that you know this cadre of students needs. Time to get help!

resources & referrals

There are programs that would serve your students well, whether summer, weekends, oronline. There are specialists who deal with out of the ordinary circumstances.

I know where to find them.